About Jeff

          Jeff has been involved in several projects, including property development, commercial enterprise, and even golf course design. However, the most importent element that Jeff brings into his business is integrity. He is committed to being a trustworthy real estate for all of your real estate needs. When you call Jeff, you should know he is experienced, capable, and above all, a man of integrity.


          Graduating from Seneca College in Toronto and studying at Universite de Moncton, Jeff was involved for over 20 years in the golf course design and construction industry. Jeff has a great family and through that has developed a thrill and motive in life to see people, like you, smile. Along with the family that has shaped his journey, Jeff also has a great multicultural network of friends that have helped him grasp the gaps between cultures. Jeff is able to relate to the barriers between cultures and create solutions to suit the needs of these individuals.

Baird's Renovation Design by Jeff Fuller

          Throughout the course of his career, Jeff has travelled down many business ventures. He has been personally involved in purchasing and developing properties for many years as well as owning his own business. With this kind of experience, Jeff understands exactly what investment and profitability are. He has also established a vast network of professionals to assist his clients in moving foward with their dreams. This kind of experience cannot be substituted - Call Jeff today to make your dreams a reality.

Not only does Jeff have those abilities, but he also have a vast experience in residential, commercial, and large golf course projects. With these projects behind him, it has given him a working knowledge of initial land cost and development considerations. With this experience, he has the ability to accurately estimate the cost of the project you have in mind - No matter big or small, in the city or in a rural area, and no matter what kind of budget you've got in mind. Don't let the unknown keep you from moving forward in your dreams - Jeff can help.

Golf Course Design

Jeff is committed to finding you the perfect home to fit your needs. Give him a call today and make that happen!

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